Friday, May 17, 2013

Rockin' Body

So confession time......

I quit Insanity. Yes, yes, I did... I spent more time laying on the floor trying to convince my body that we were, in fact, not dying, than actually doing the exersices. I have this sneaking suspicion that Sean T did not have my body type in mind when this program was created.

Not me.

However, Courtney did find an amazing deal on another "Beach Body" program that Sean T does - Rockin' Body.  It's seven videos total - three muscle toning videos, four dance videos. And let me just tell you.....I am NOT a good dancer. 


BUT, it's been really fun, and I get to laugh really hard when Sean T tries to make me Twerk. Also, the people in the background provide quite a few giggles - the men don't seem to give a care in the world, and the girls are wearing bikini's trying to be all sensual while they do disco moves. And while it's fun, it's still a pretty darn good workout. We literally drip sweat by the end.

Not water.

I've lost a few pounds, and can tell a difference in my muscle tone, but I'm waiting 'til we are completely finished to announce what it's done for me.

**Also I'm going to make a good faith effort to be better about posting more frequently. I just get so busy sometimes.....