Monday, February 7, 2011

"Do you guys remember that feeling we used to get... during a really intense Spinning class? "

So I left you hanging this weekend - I know, I know. I feel bad enough already. Let me just say that after my tests, I needed a relaxing weekend - and I didn't get it! After class on Friday, I went to pick up my grand-little (shout-out to Nathan! Best grand-little ever!), and after some - eh, difficulties - we were able to hit the road for a shopping trip in Birmingham. Then Saturday, I spent all day preparing for our party at the frat house (I am the Social Chair, so it's my job - and it's more stressful than you think), and we had a pretty eventful night. So Sunday, woke up, cleaned, ate, watched the Super Bowl (who won that again?) then went right back to bed. So in short, my computer didn't even come out of its case this weekend - I'm sorry.

So, enough trying to justify my blog-laziness - onto today's subject. SPIN CLASS! Yay! I love spinning - it's a part of my day that I look forward to, everyday! One of my long-term goals is to be a class instructor. Most of the time when I talk about spin class most of the males in the area are like "Spin class? What is that?" And I normally describe it as "a really intense cycling class." But it's so much more than that. It is a bike ride to fitness heaven.  If you have never tried a spin class, I insist you must.

If you have a gym membership, you have probably gone by the room with the loud music, black lights, and crazy people in it. At least that is what I used to think. I just knew that I would never be able to make it through all that standing up they do. But eventually my roommates talked me into going, and I enjoyed it - but never really thought much more about it. (I'll pause a moment here to say that exercise is like a bank and a church sermon - you get out what you put in).  So I would go every once in a while, but not regularly, and not enough to make a difference in my body. 

Now, I'm going to confess to you all - if I have no structure, I have no workout. If no one is leading me, I am that person in the gym who wanders from station to station like a lost puppy. So, needless to say, I love the classes that the gym offers here at state, whether it be spin or total body workout. Whenever I realized that one most days, my school day is finished by 11 AM, I decided I wanted to get my workout finished, too. So I started going to spin class at noon. The more and more I go, the better and better I seem to get at it, and the more and more I can get out of the class.

I've been doing this class (regularly) for about 4 weeks now. Spin class is not only good for cardio, but for muscle toning, too. By about week two, I was able to see more leg definition, better cardio endurance, and tighter hams and glutes! The music also just makes my day that much better.  If you're intimidated by spin class, like many people are, I say no, don't you be intimidated! Everyone has to have a first time, or no one would be doing it! No one is going to call you out for not staying up for the whole standing climb, or taking a break during jumps - everyone has done it from time to time, especially as a beginner.  It took me about a week of classes before I could do jumps all the way through, without about dying. Oh, and you burn about 800 calories in that hour, by the way.

If you're dieting along with going to spin class, here is your warning. Like I said above, you burn anywhere between 600 - 900 calories (my average is around 780 according to my heart-rate monitor). So, say you're eating 1200 calories a day on your diet. If you burn 600 calories, then you just used up 1/2 of your calories for the day. And you HAVE to give your body fuel. If you do not eat enough (healthy food - not Whoppers) then your body will scare itself into starvation mode, and you will not lose any weight. So, make sure you account for such a big calorie loss on your spin class days.

So, for those of you that spin class is available, try it at least once! I promise you will enjoy it!

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  1. Try yoga for a cool down or warm up. I xoxo yoga!