Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shake it up!

I am having a lazy, rainy Sunday studying for my three tests I have coming up this week. So, I'm just going to give you just a fun little happy of mine. I recently had to retire my good ole New Balances - they were some great tennis shoes! Dick's had a sale on the Easytone by Reebok shoes, (40% off!) so I grabbed a pair!

I mean who wouldn't want a rear-end like that? Plus, I catch myself singing that commercial song more times than not. Now, I think that we should all realize that owning and wearing a pair of these shoes isn't going to make a huge difference in our lower half without putting any other effort in. BUT - I love these shoes. They are super comfy and make walks across campus fun. It feels like you're walking on mini exercise balls (which is pretty much what they are).  My absolute favorite thing about them? When you're in spin class - doing standing climbs or jumps or whatnot - they provide extra cushion for the balls of your feet while giving you a little bit more of a push.

Well, I lied. My ABSOLUTE favorite thing about them, is the inspiration I get from them. It's not like a mushy- gushy uplifting inspiration, but the inspiration to dance. Yes, if I am wearing these shoes, I want to dance. And not like just kind of shuffling around - I'm talking spinning and hopping from foot to foot and making an absolute fool out of myself. I'll put in my headphones and go crazy. My roommates have caught me from time to time in the kitchen cooking and doing my "easy-tone commercial dance." I am pretty sure it might have scarred them for life, and here I apologize. I am talking I get excited to clean my bathroom, because I get to dance. I'm doing laundry - I'm dancing in my shoes. If you have never questioned my sanity before, I am almost positive you are questioning it now - it's okay, I do it too sometimes!

But anyways, to get to the point I've been trying to get to all along - if you walk, run, or any type of exercise and you've wanted these shoes, get them! They're really fun and you know, you might find yourself just wanting to dance (and hey! dancing burns calories!). But of course, you don't have to have these shoes to be crazy like me! Just put on some music and dance - it not only gets that heart-rate up and burns calories, but I'll guarantee you that it WILL make your day ten times better!

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