Friday, January 28, 2011

So far + My Motivators

So, for me, Week 5 started on Wednesday (the 26th). I know I'm a month behind on starting this blog, but I'm going to catch you up really quickly.

     Week 1 - It came off quickly! -9lbs Spent most of the week trying to figure out the WW system.
     Week 2 - And then I lost too quickly - 10lbs Looking back, I had a lot of weight to lose and had a drastic change in diet and exercise, so my body kind of freaked out - and I paid for it in week three.
     Week 3- Then I gained weight! +3lbs This is very discouraging, and I will discuss this later in the blog.
     Week 4 - And I lost again. -5lbs Then the WW site fussed at me for losing more than 3lbs in a week.

So, for a grand total, as of Wednesday morning (the beginning of Week 5) I've lost 21lbs (give or take a tenth of a pound). "21lbs in one month? That's unhealthy!" you say. Yes, I agree. For Week 1 and Week 2, I hadn't fully grasped the concept of Weight Watchers yet. I thought if I ate below my given daily points allowance then I would be fine - how wrong I was! For those of you not familiar with WW, you're given an allowance of "points" everyday, with some "weekly points" if you want a treat or if you go over your daily allowance. Every food, every taste, every bite has a point value and you need to count it. I did pretty good about that - but I was only eating about half of my daily points! So for Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3, I was sufficiently starving myself and my metabolism was not pleased. While it was sufficient for getting the lbs off quickly, my body didn't have the nutrients it needed for the rigorous 1-2 hour workout I was putting it through daily, and it rebounded by going into the ever-feared starvation mode. It held onto that nasty fat like no tomorrow - and I gained weight!

But I took this as a challenge for me and a chance for you to learn from my mistake. YOU HAVE TO EAT! You just have to make the right choices. Pick the food that will keep you fuller longer (Mmmm Mmmm gotta love that protein and fiber), eat lean meats, and eat your fruits and veggies and eat these things 4-6 times a day! I know I sound like your mom here but I promise, if you eat fruits and vegetables to help fill you up (never eat past when you're full no matter the food -it stretches your stomach out!) then you WILL lose weight. Choose green beans over french fries, strawberries over that brownie and you will be happier when the day is over! Also, if you have a few days where you haven't lost any weight, try eating a little bit more one day (bump up that caloric intake about 300 - 500 calories). This reminds your metabolism that you are NOT dying of starvation!

Now, goals, goals, goals. I've always been one to shoot for the stars, set a big goal, and fail miserably. This go around I have set myself small goals that are easily achievable. My new obsession is nail polish. Callie Torres from Grey's Anatomy always has the best nail polish - and every Thursday when I see it I immediately want to go buy whatever color she is wearing. But I digress. So, my motivator is every time I lose 10 lbs I get a new nail polish! YAY! It is a fantastic motivator for me to hit my goals, and I have pretty, pretty fingers. I'm going to brand-drop here and tell you that my absolute favorite is Sally Hanson's Insta-Dri. It covers in one coat and it dries so quick I don't have time to mess it up! So for my first -10lbs I purchased 'Sick Slate' and it is by far my absolute favorite nail polish of all!

For the next -10lbs I purchased 'Uptempo Plum,' and it's pretty darn fantastic, too!

And yes, if you were wondering, I stopped mid blog to repaint my nails. I'm sorry, but it is definitely an addiction!

So I leave you today with the challenge to pick something small and fun you love as a motivator! It really truly gives you an extra push to get that poundage off!

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