Monday, January 31, 2011

Where Does the Time Go?

It seems, the older I get, the faster and faster time goes by. I'm pretty darn sure that is just a side effect of aging. But please, time, just for this week, can you slow down just a little bit? If you've ready any of the past few posts, you know that I have 3 tests this week (I just knocked out the first one, about an hour ago). So I have 2 to go. And if there is anything more stressful than trying to study for 2 (previously 3) tests in one week, it's trying to study for those tests while trying to find time to workout and eat healthy. 

I was talking to an old softball friend from back in my travel ball days, (shout-out to Brandi! Love ya girl!) and we were discussing how time is such a mean, mean culprit of college weight gain. As I was musing about this as I walked the track at the gym, I figured that there is probably someone from almost every stage of life with this problem. For us college students it's labs, tests, piles of homework, fraternity/sorority events, and just the cheapness and ease of fast food on a tight time budget. For parents of younger children, its basketball practice, church, gymnastics, soccer, and just trying to appease your kid's picky eating. And for those with teenagers, (I know my mom has a problem with this) it's cooking something that everyone likes, can fill everyone up, and just getting everyone to the meal at the same time. There are so many other situations that take up time in everyone's life, and it definitely takes a toll on all of our diets!

So something I've learned from Weight Watchers is that you CAN eat fast food, but like everything in life, you have to make the right choices! Yes, you can have that Big Mac - but I promise you will feel guilty about that later. When fast food is absolutely the only way that I can eat that night, I try to go to KFC. Their grilled chicken is hardly any points and they offer some good veggies for sides! I normally have no problem giving away that biscuit away to someone at the frat house and can eat the rest of the meal guilt free! Another good option that normally pops up when you think of fast food dieting is Subway. Yes, Subway can be really good (I mean c'mon look at Jared), but be careful. Cheese and other condiments (yes, I count cheese as a condiment - it's a sneaky diet wrecker!) can really hurt you without you even thinking about it! I can almost promise you that making your own sandwich is going to be healthier (and cheaper!) than a Subway sandwich.  Yet another "drive-thru diet" is this Taco Bell Fresco menu. Yes, last semester I would eat off this menu for late night snacks, but I am trying to completely steer clear of the Bell (check out the nutritional values). Not to mention, it takes a little more to fill me up than an itty bitty burrito!

What do I do instead of fast food? I try my darnedest to plan my food out for the week. I normally know what is going to be going on for the next week in advanced, so I can plan my meals accordingly - whether it be a Soup at Hand and a turkey sandwich or a grilled chicken breast with vegetables. Another thing that has come in really handy as a college student (for those of you who aren't in college, I'm sorry!) is the cafeteria. I normally pop in there right after my workout for some fruit and a sandwich piled high with veggies - it's delicious! One last thing that I try to make sure is in my kitchen is edamame. If you know me at all you know that more times than not, I will be walking around with a little baggie or bowl of edamame pods. It is a delicious alternative to french fries or potato chips! So today I leave you to ponder your fast food habits and that a little planning can go a long way!

P.S. College kids - when you're studying for that test take a 30 min break and exercise. It's a great stress release!

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